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Enjoy, every day of the year

You want to be able to rely on a wide range of top quality shellfish all year round. Krijn Verwijs offers you that guarantee. Thanks to our experience, good planning and a strong and reliable international network of growers and suppliers, we benefit from the best products at every time of the year. And with our modern dilution and purification technologies, we optimise quality and food safety. In everything we do. We feel responsible for the preservation of the beautiful nature that is the source of our products.



Krijn Verwijs supplies high-quality fresh mussels all year round. Thanks to good planning and exclusive partnerships with a strong network of growers in different parts of Northern Europe, the supply is continuous and reliable. Treatment in Krijn Verwijs' modern dilution and purification system guarantees optimum quality and food safety.

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At Krijn Verwijs, you can choose from a wide range of European flat oysters and Pacific oysters all year round, sourced from Zealand, Ireland and France.

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Canadese kreeft

Lobsters & crabs

Let your customers enjoy the best quality Canadian and European lobsters and crabs. Krijn Verwijs will select them for you.

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Sea vegetables

More and more consumers are discovering the healthy and tasty properties of sea vegetables such as glasswort and sea lavender and seaweeds such as wakame, codium and fucus. You'll find them at Krijn Verwijs.

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Name a shellfish and Krijn Verwijs can supply it. From vongoles to scallops and from cockles to razor clams. View our extensive range.

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Preserved shellfish

Krijn Verwijs offers complete service in shellfish, including preserved shellfish.

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