Food safety

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Food safety is the top priority at Krijn Verwijs. We focus on food safety throughout the process, from growing and fishing at source to packing for shipment to the customer.

Temperature and purification

We ensure proper temperature control throughout the process, from the moment the product arrives at the Krijn Verwijs dilution and purification centre. In order to properly filter the product, we use purified water from the Eastern Scheldt. We match the water temperature and treatment time to the ideal living environment and metabolism of the relevant crustacean or mollusc. This enables the creature to clean itself and remain in top condition. In the meantime, we remove uninvited 'guests' from the water and separate them from the product.  

Monitoring, security and more

From the packing process onwards, the temperature of the product never rises above 7 degrees Celsius. This keeps the product fresh and prolongs its shelf life. Throughout the storage and treatment process, we conduct continuous microbiological and other checks. For example, we check daily for the presence of E. coli, salmonella and viruses such as noro and vibrio.

In order to minimise the risk of external influences, access to our processing centre is restricted. Only authorised personnel are permitted to enter. Our authorised staff and visitors naturally adhere to strict hygiene procedures in order to guarantee food safety.


Thanks to this working method, we are naturally HACCP certified and we meet the highest level of the IFS (International Food Safety Standard) certificate. We are also FSSC 22000 certified.