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Although Krijn Verwijs cherishes its history and maintains its old home on Havendijk in excellent condition, innovation is a major focus within the company and the basis for further development and growth.


For example, we have invested heavily in purification technologies in order to optimise the quality of our products and guarantee food safety. Krijn Verwijs is an officially approved dispatch and purification centre in accordance with EU standards. We use purified water from the Eastern Scheldt in our process. We filter it and treat it with UV light. This ensures a low bacterial count and improves the condition of the shellfish.

Before being returned to the Eastern Scheldt, the treatment water is first checked for contamination and non-native species. This is because the Eastern Scheldt is a protected Natura 2000 area. We handle it with care.

Continuous improvement

We are engage in ongoing research into further opportunities for improvement in terms of shortening the chain, extending shelf life and minimising waste. Krijn Verwijs can already state that its production process is largely circular. Where permitted, the by-products of the production process, such as shells, seaweed, small crabs, etc. are returned to the sea, where they serve as food for marine life. Treatment water is recycled and purified before it goes back to the Eastern Scheldt.

Responding to demand from the market

Nor are we standing still in terms of our products and product packaging. We always respond to demand from the market. For example, leak-proof packaging to simplify retailing, smaller portions for single-person households, easy stir-fry mussels for a short preparation time and complete oyster packs: Oysters to go, with a small knife, wipe and dressing for convenience and experience.