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With an ever-growing world population, the demand for sustainable alternatives for food supplies is increasing. If you ask us, food from the sea is the answer. The cultivation of shellfish is much less damaging to the environment than meat production. At the same time, shellfish are at least as rich in protein and even healthier thanks to their lower fat content. And sea vegetables and seaweeds make a valuable supplement to any diet.

Can the earth cope with the growing demand for food? We think so. About 70% of the earth’s surface consists of oceans. We can make far better use of this huge area in order to grow food, just as we do on land. The great advantage is that no scarce freshwater is needed. We therefore expect that the sea will become an increasingly important food source for humans and that shellfish will play an ever more prominent role in our eating habits.


Sustainable cultivation, harvest and processing

Of course, we already make sure the growing, harvesting and processing of all our products is as sustainable as possible. Excellent proof of this is the MSC and Organic certification of our own mussel and oyster farm in Ireland. But sustainability is a priority for our partner growers too. Not surprisingly, since they are often family businesses, with a long-term vision for the next generation. They traditionally work in nature and have every interest in keeping it as healthy as possible.

Naturally we also employ sustainable technologies in our processing centre where we can. For instance, we use solar panels and are working to make our premises at Korringaweg completely gas-free.

Duurzame kweek, oogst en verwerking

Natuurlijk zorgen we ook nu al voor een zo duurzaam mogelijk kweek-, oogst- en verwerkingsproces van al onze producten. Een mooi bewijs hiervan is de MSC- en Organic-certificering van onze eigen mossel- en oesterkwekerij in Ierland. Maar ook bij de kwekers waar we mee samenwerken staat duurzaamheid voorop. Niet verwonderlijk, aangezien dit veelal familiebedrijven zijn. Zij kenmerken zich door de lange termijnvisie voor de volgende generatie. Ze werken van oudsher in de natuur en hebben er alle belang bij om die zo gezond mogelijk te houden. 

Natuurlijk passen we ook in ons verwerkingscentrum zoveel mogelijk duurzame technieken toe. Zo maken we gebruik van zonnepanelen en zijn we drukdoende om onze vestiging aan de Korringaweg volledig gasvrij te maken.


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